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Cell Site Analysis is a branch of digital forensic science. This pertains to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. The goal of Cell Site Analysis is to examine digital media in a forensically sound manner with the aim of recovering, linking and understanding information.
Cell Site Analysis is the technique of placing a Mobile Phone at a particular geographical location at a certain time and can be accurate to within a few meters. The evidence gained through the analysis of cell sites could make or break a case. Through Extended Call Data Records and Cell Site Analysis, our analysts are capable of producing detailed reports into the likely position and movements of mobile devices up to a few meters.
Cell site data is routinely analyzed by law enforcement to establish the location a mobile device was when it received or sent an SMS text message, made a call or transferred data across the internet. The location of the mobile phone will be somewhere within the range of the cell site that handled the communication.
Cell Site Analysis

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Our experts can collect and analyze cell site data to establish the whereabouts of an individual’s mobile phone at any given time or to track the mobile phone’s movements between locations. This information can be used as vital evidence during legal proceedings, not only to prove what the user of the phone did or where (s)he was, but more importantly where the person could not have been. Data collected via on-site surveys are presented in various color-coded map formats displaying the coverage area of specific cell sites

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We offer 48 hours Happy Switching Facility for the customers those who wish to move from other companies.

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