Forensics Data Recovery

From Concept to Reality
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Recovering data that has been erased, corrupted, or destroyed.
Unlike standard data recovery techniques, forensic data recovery must follow a specific set of principles laid down by the legal system. Our forensic engineers follow the ACPO Guidelines for Electronic Evidence.
we specialize in the recovery of the digital “fingerprints” left by the routine use of computers. Even securely erased files can be recovered and examined, ensuring that you have all the evidence available to support your investigation.

Data Recovery

We provide a full range of UK data recovery services for small business and corporate clients including server data recovery, hard drive file recovery.
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On Site Support Capabilities

Ensuring a comprehensive and responsive service, the team at ValMIND offer extensive On Site Support to our commercial, corporate and law enforcement clients. Understanding the severity of certain situations, the ValMIND team are trained in the extraction of data from live systems, ensuring data validity and system operation throughout investigations. With service flexibility, the ValMIND team is capable of working in parallel with current organizational operations or is able to work covertly (out-of-hours when required). Additional On-Site imaging services are available, incorporating a forensically viable copy of individual or networked computer systems alike, ensuring data and evidential validity. This method ensures continued organizational operations throughout the investigation period. This level of flexibility ensures efficiency and effectiveness of the unique nature of required investigation.

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