Digital Forensics

Forensically acquiring, analysing and reporting digital evidence

Digital Forensics – ValMIND

We realize that our services are often required during a particularly stressful time. Bearing this in mind, we provide a calm, discreet and efficient service to help you achieve a positive outcome.
In Digital Forensics, we offer tailored services from the acquisition, analysis, and presentation of electronic data involved in computer and IT investigations and litigation support, to more specialist areas such as Cybercrime Training, Malware Reverse Engineering, Cyber Readiness Planning, and building an Incident Response framework.

Corporate Investigations

Are you concerned about an employee stealing company data? Worried that data has been stolen and provided to a competitor? Perhaps you suspect fraudulent activity within your organisation and require an internal investigation to acquire digital evidence? ValMIND offers covert investigations to assist your requirements.

Data Theft

Digital Forensic Investigation

Social Media Investigations

Employee Investigations

Document Analysis


What We Offer In Digital Forensics

Computer Forensics

The Computer Forensic Analysis process is the methodical approach to examining digital media to establish factual information for civil or criminal matters.

Incident Response

Our incident response services will help you pinpoint the intruder on your network, fully investigate their activities and contain the breach.

Consultation & Training

As businesses increase their online presence and their dependency on information systems’ assets, the number of computer incidents also rises. Today, being prepared to handle a computer security incident should be a top priority for most system administrators.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile Phone Analysis is the digital forensic approach concerned with the systematic examination of mobile phone handsets and all attached media – such as SIM cards and memory storage cards.

Expert Witness Services

ValMIND can support you by providing fully trained experts experienced in providing testimony, providing technical analysis and opinion acknowledged to be experts.

Cell Site Analysis

Our experts can collect and analyze cell site data to establish the whereabouts of an individual’s mobile phone at any given time or to track the mobile phone’s movements between locations.

Data Recovery

We provide a full range of UK data recovery services for small business and corporate clients including server data recovery, hard drive file recovery.

Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

Computer & Phone Forensics
Cyber Security Auditing
Vulnerability Assessment
Consultancy & Training
Ethical Hacking
Cell Site Analysis
Incident Response
Data Recovery

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