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Analysis of digital media to produce legal evidence of a crime or unauthorised action
Tailor-Made Training In Digital Forensic
We are proud to offer a new line of Digital Forensic Courses for a wide variety of individuals, covering key areas in Digital Forensics. As vendor neutral courses, all participants are guaranteed course syllabuses that tackle the essential parts of digital forensics

Digital Forensic that Makes a Difference

Our experts have significant expertise in commercial and law enforcement forensics. As a result, our team has been involved in a wide range of projects and engagements over the years, including:

Features Regular
Establishing new forensics laboratories from scratch
Creating new law enforcement processes
organisations with forensic readiness planning
Bespoke solutions for your organisation Speak to us about the challenges you are facing
Cyber Security Training

Digital Forensic Consultation @ ValMIND

Discover the Cyber Security risks to your business data and understand what it would take to mitigate those risks.

Our team can work with your internal Information Security team to establish the threats you are facing as an organization, and identify ways in which your systems can be configured to enable forensic investigations to be managed more efficiently, should the need arise. We may recommend that you institute additional security measures, change or maintain logging or security features in your operating systems, etc. The aim is to ensure that forensic investigations can be conducted quickly and cost efficiently across your systems.

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Awareness training for your staff

ValMIND makes sure you don’t waste a single minute.

We can provide simple awareness training for investigations staff in your organization, enabling them to understand the role of and sources of digital forensic evidence that may be available to assist them in investigations into any type of incident within their organization. This can be either standardized or tailored to your specific environment, as required.

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