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We are a team of experienced professionals from reputed UK universities.
These findings of a Digital Forensic Investigation are translated into expert forensic reports that are clear, concise, and easily understood by all participants and can be used in cases involving legal criminal, civil and commercial litigation within tribunals and courts of law. Our experts look to test the probability of any claims and allegations. They are also available to provide further explanation of findings if necessary. As Digital Forensics Expert Witnesses, we conduct forensic analysis of computers, mobile phones, tablets, and Satnav devices along with cell site analysis, CCTV forensics, computer monitoring, website capture, investigation, and eDiscovery.

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Our forensic team can provide expert testimony and litigation support for the sophisticated analysis of computers, telecommunication evidence/tracking, cell site analysis, e-discovery, indecent imagery and audio-visual exhibit assessments.
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What Does a Digital Forensics Expert Witness Have to Offer?

Impartial examination of your case

A digital forensics expert witness will approach your case with an open mind, drawing results and conclusions based on evidence instead of preconceived notions.

Correct acquisition of electronic evidence

There are specific protocols and procedures that must be followed during a forensic examination, otherwise, you run the risk of spoliation. Computer forensic expert witnesses have the tools necessary (both hardware and software) to maintain the evidence’s integrity. If the eDiscovery was conducted by someone else, they can testify whether the ediscovery was conducted properly.

Analyzing the evidence and reporting findings

The eDiscovery process covers collecting, processing, and reviewing electronically stored information (ESI). This includes evidence that may be overlooked by a less experienced investigator. The collection process may produce mountains of evidence when you are only looking for a specific molehill. A digital forensics expert witness can sort through the evidence collected and identify the ESI that is pertinent to your case. They will also boil down the results into a report that can be understood by both the litigator and the jury, avoiding unnecessary tech talk that can complicate and confuse the presentation of the evidence.

Effective communication

Jurors are a naturally suspicious lot. They will certainly have questions about how the evidence was gathered, why the information should be trusted, and so on. The computer forensics expert witness needs to be both knowledgeable and personable: someone who can demonstrate expertise while still being approachable. They should be able to explain the evidence in a way jurors will understand. They should also be able to contribute to exhibits and demonstratives that will help enhance juror understanding and retention.

Effective use of time and money

Some attorneys try to handle eDiscovery themselves. But if it is a detailed case, or you are unfamiliar with eDiscovery, this can eat up valuable time that could be spent on case preparation. You also may not have the tools and equipment necessary for a thorough examination. A computer forensics expert witness can complete the task quickly and efficiently, delivering reliable and trustworthy results.

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