Malware Analysis

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Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis @ ValMIND

We are a team of experienced professionals from reputed UK universities.
Malware analysis is a systematic approach in understanding malware behavior and any ramifications resulting from a malware attack, to minimize future re-infection. Malware is one of the most threatening cyber-attacks currently prevalent. A deep understanding of different malware functionalities is needed in malware incident response.

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ValMIND is revolutionizing the way companies protect their assets and resources with advanced malware detection technology that intercepts attacks and malicious network activity before suffering a costly data breach. Our team of cyber security professionals applies expertise in the identification and elimination of malware, to minimize the effects of breaches. We analyze any form of digital devices such as computers and mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and mobile phones.

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Smartphone Malware Analysis

Smartphone Malware continues to be a serious threat in today’s world. Using advanced tools and techniques, our expert engineers are some of the best in the world at thoroughly dissecting malware from a security incident to determine its functionality, purpose, composition and source.

Behavior Analysis

  • Registry Changes
  • Network Connections
  • File Installations
  • Processes

Code Analysis

  • Packed Codes
  • Risky APIs
  • TSL Call Backs

Memory Analysis

  • Hidden Processes
  • Passive Shells Running
  • Crafted Malicious Drivers

Environmental Risk Intelligence

  • Closed Source
  • Open source
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