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Penetration Testing @ ValMIND

Penetration testing is a simulated real-world attack on a network or application that identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Pen tests are part of an industry-recognized approach to identifying and quantifying risk. We can actively attempt to ‘exploit’ vulnerabilities and exposures in your company’s infrastructure, applications, people, and processes. Through exploitation, ValMIND is able to provide context around the vulnerability, impact, threat, and likelihood of a breach in an information asset. Also, we will give you strategic guidance on risk and tailored advice on countermeasures.

How Effective Is Your Cyber Security?

With threats continuing to grow in both volume and sophistication, understanding how an attacker might breach your business’ defences and the appropriate action needed to address the risk is an important part of effective cyber security.

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Benefits Of Penetration Testing

Reduced Risk & Increased Protection

With weaknesses exposed, you’re able to proactively protect both your business and clients from data theft.

Reputation Protection

You’re able to avoid the devastating consequences a security breach can have on your company’s brand and perception.

Improved Business Continuity

Secure systems are less likely to suffer a breach in availability than less secure ones.

Third-Party Protection

Enhance and maintain your professional relationships with clients, partners and other third parties, building up trust and confidence.
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Stages Of Penetration Testing

1. Information Gathering
2. Threat Modeling
3. Vulnerability Analysis
4. Exploitation
5. Post-Exploitation
6. Reporting
Stages Of Penetration Testing

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