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Vulnerability Assessment @ ValMIND

ValMIND can identify real risks to an organization’s data and infrastructure through testing against the world’s largest fully tested and integrated public database of exploits.

ValMIND’s vulnerability assessment service enables organizations to quantify and qualify security risks and apply resources to re-mediate those risks in the most efficient manner.

ValMIND helps to safeguard your organization through:
  • Identifying business systems and processes which may result in financial loss.
  • Preventing revenue loss from internal fraud through employees or externally through hackers
  • Providing due diligence and compliance to your industry regulators, customers, and shareholders
  • Protecting an organization’s brand by avoiding loss of consumer confidence and business reputation
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Ecommerce Website Vulnerability Assessment

Testing your e-commerce store is vital to ensure malicious attack attempts don’t exploit poor configuration, out-of-date patching, cross-site scripting, or injection vulnerabilities of the underlying web application.

ValMIND will undertake a website vulnerability assessment to include:

With weaknesses exposed, you’re able to proactively protect both your business and clients from data theft.

+ Identification of the website structure and active code (i.e. web pages providing functionality)

+ Discovery of inputs to the web applications supporting your e-commerce and test for security vulnerabilities

+ Uniquely ValMIND will search for malicious web shells which we have uncovered from the numerous PCI PFI investigations undertaken

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Stages Of  Vulnerability Assessment

1. Information Gathering
2.  Fingerprinting
3. PortScan and Identify Services
4. Automated Vulnerability Scan
5. Exploit Of Known Vulnerability
6. Password/Brute Force
7. DOS Testing
ValMIND Vulnerability Assessment

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